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Freelance Illustrator and Designer


Welcome! Bienvenidos! 

Nicole hope's you enjoyed a tour at her work!

Nicole Montenegro, is an up in coming Freelance Illustrator, known for illustrating "Hear".


As the story goes from Abuelita, Nicole one day gather loose paper and started to draw the characters from her favorite cartoons. Since then all of her school notes would be full of drawings and math equations. She has graduated from Savannah Collage of Art and Design majoring in Illustration with a focus on concept illustration. Nicole loves to create visually colorful illustrations with charming characters to match. Her style is influenced from her love for animation and colors. She is well verse in creating entertaining characters illustrations and collaborating with teams like AARP, authors, designers and small teams. She enjoys cooperating with clients in order to develop wonderful illustrations.


Nicole has works bought for private collection and hung in shows including Central Piedmont Community College, Open Showcase in Savannah College of Art and Design, and in Savannah College of Art and Design Archives.

She is currently freelancing and is open for inquires.

Business Inquiries:

Worked with:


Arte Publico Press

Independent Authors

VIVA Calaveras!

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